Independent Politics Winter/Spring 2006

Submitted by George Friday on Tue, 02/12/2008 - 20:47.

It's usually exciting when something new is starting up, and that's certainly the case with Independent Politics!, an outgrowth of IPPN's Independent Politics News. While similar, this publication aims to be different.

First, we're consciously more of a magazine than a newspaper. This means that we will be aiming for many of our articles to have more depth and analysis.

Secondly, of course, we have gone to a magazine format.

Finally, we are aiming for this publication to be full of constructive discussion and debate about how we can get off the defensive, how we can create the kind of broadly-based and visible independent political movement and the kind of party that can lead to fundamental and lasting change in the USA. This first issue's main section contains a impressive cross-section of articles on just those questions, many of which you will find by going to the Independent Politics! link on the left side.

We welcome letters to the editor and your submissions of articles for a future issue. Together we can make this publication of value to that growing, if still below the surface, urgently needed movement. To receive a free copy of the first issue send your regular mail address to the IPPN National Office, or subscribe for a full year for $12.00.