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From IPPN:

  • Independent Politics News is the quarterly newspaper of IPPN. See the side bar for the latest issue.
  • Independent Voices for the 21st Century lists speakers who are available to speak at colleges, universities, union halls, religious institutions, community associations, and anywhere else people can be gathered together. These speakers are "long distance runners," people who have given of their lives for decades in the ongoing struggle for justice and human liberation in the United States and worldwide. See the speakers link on the side bar.
  • A detailed election manual in HTML or Microsoft Word Formaton running issue-based, effective electoral campaigns. This manual was prepared by Karen Kubby for IPPN. It can be accompanied by an intensive experiential workshop that has received consistantly positive feedback. For details about the workshop, contact Karen at


  • A Checklist for Electoral Campaigners consists of suggestions from the participants in the workshop at the Decatur Conference on "Nuts and Bolts of Independent Electoral Campaigns" for how to run successful, effective, and fun campaigns.