Let's Get To Work!! - "First Friday" Actions

Submitted by George Friday on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 14:12.

On the first Friday of each month the Labor Department releases the previous month's unemployment numbers, and the issue of unemployment and joblessness gets some attention from the news media. Let’s ramp up – put a spotlight on these figures and help call attention to the overwhelming need for job creation and support of Labor.

The National Jobs for All Coalition is urging groups and unemployed workers to hold news conferences, vigils and pickets at unemployment offices, and to take other creative action to demand jobs and an effective safety net.

The next First Friday Action day will be August 7th.
In September the First Friday will the 3rd, Labor Day weekend. We are asking people to carry “Jobs for All” signs at Labor Day events and marches. Local organizers are encouraged to choose the day to do your action but please do some action this summer.

http://www.njfac.org/ - for more information.

Friday September 4th to Friday October 2nd will be "Jobs and Safety Net Action Month".