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This continues to be a great year for our work and for progressive base building. The candidates certainly continue to help build a strong case for progressive independent politics!

IPPN is taking on strategic thinking about the organization’s future and we need your help. Please take 10 or 15 minutes to complete this survey about IPPN’s role and our future.

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The Independent Progressive Politics Network (IPPN) works from what, at the surface, may seem contradictory beliefs that 1) the current political system (especially at the national level) can do little to affect change for those most in need of justice in the US and the world because both the Democratic and Republican parties place corporate interests above all else and 2) grassroots driven electoral participation with equal access and clean elections is essential in addressing the ongoing injustices rooted in racism, economic and environmental oppression that the national parties continue to ignore.

Our goal is the transformation of this country through the unity of its peoples in active opposition to racism, sexism, homophobia, economic class exploitation, age discrimination and all other forms of oppression and discrimination. We are committed to the involvement of people of color, women, workers and young people in key leadership positions within IPPN and within the independent progressive movement. We provide written materials and publish a quarterly newspaper, reach out to new organizations and activists, maintain a web site and electronic discussion lists, organize conferences and engage in activities that further these objectives.

IPPN joined the National Planning Committee (NPC) for the United States Social Forum (USSF, the Forum) in December 2006. In the months that followed trips to Oakland, Chicago, Baltimore, DC, and Philadelphia focused on outreach and organizing as ongoing work in the Southeast continued. We helped organize workshops through United for Peace and Justice and with IPPN member groups to highlight the need to participate in the USSF and IPPN Summit. We also worked to bring the voices of grassroots leaders and groups to the planning process.

The Forum was intended to be an open space to build stronger relationships among groups working for fundamental national change. The NPC acknowledged that strategy, while needed and forthcoming, had to be built on the establishment of effective communication and trusting relationships. IPPN’s ability to build effective strong relationships and address community building continues to be a benefit to the NPC.

Building Community

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Our appreciation to firemagic50 for offering this short message, plugging the work of the IPPN. Its called Building Community.